About us

Celebrating Slow Fashion in a fast world we design and handcraft timeless, easy-to-wear pieces in high quality materials, so they can have a permanent place in your wardrobe.
Our story begins with a love for the coastal life, its' people and our planet. Our admiration for everything handmade inspires us to create affordable and sustainable fashion pieces.


Shoes: We design and produce timeless handmade high-quality leather shoes that will be with you for a lifetime. With great attention to details we manufacture shoes fine-tuned to your feet for unparalleled comfort and exquisite quality. Sliding your foot into a Bali Lane shoe is feeling luxuriously comfortable at the tip of your toes. They bring everyday versatility to your style.

Clothing: Using sustainable eco-friendly materials we craft fuss-free staple pieces with a luxe, coastal romance and style that can be worn to lounge, to vacation, or to party.



Bali Lane is all about our commitment to appreciate our clients, our team, our suppliers and our environment.
We manufacture in our own production facilities without intermediaries and sell exclusively online. This approach allows us to offer superb quality and maintain affordable prices.
With our simple production model we do not overproduce and make your handmade pieces to order.
Our products are made in our own Bali factory maintaining modern and fair working conditions. We manufacture according to traditional methods but practice values and ethics of the present times.
Join us on this journey and explore our collection of clothing and shoes that combine elevated style, luxurious comfort, & everyday versatility.
Bali Lane team.